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Step-by-step instructions to make your own creations.
Avatar Aang - The Last Airbender

Become the ultimate Yarn Bender with this cute crochet pattern, inspired by the series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Kitty Keychain

For all kitty lovers out there, here's a quick and fun pattern for you! Make one of these cute keychains in under 30 minutes!

Edgar, The Zebra

Edgar, The Zebra, is a cute baby zebra with a wild mane. Immerse yourself into the safari experience with this free crochet pattern! ?


Beautiful ideas from around the web.
The 25 Coolest Crochet Owl Patterns

Owls are such magnificent birds and some might say "the wisest birds" around. You will love this owl-inspired crochet project compilation.

The 25 Prettiest Crochet Doll Patterns

Crochet dolls are the perfect gifts for girls of any age. We have put together a list of the cutest crochet dolls that we could find for you to pick from.

The 25 Purr-fect Crochet Cat Toy Patterns

Just like us, kittens use playtime to relieve anxiety, build strength and stay healthy. Check out my 25 favorite crochet cat toy patterns.


Just some things I've made.

I just finished making this cute little fella! His mane was quite a piece of work, but it was all worth it! 🙂 Pattern by @amigurushka

Partners in crime

What are these two up to? Whatever it is, I'm sure it can't be good... Everyone knows that when these two get together it means trouble!

Fluffy Penguin

Yeah, penguins are cute! But do you know what's even cuter? Fluffy penguins! ? I made this one using velvet yarn. You can find the pattern here.